For every side there is an Other Side: life and death; light and darkness; knowledge and ignorance; freedom and chains. To vanquish his enemy, a warrior must know and understand the balance that exists between all things good and evil.

On the Other Side, we live in a series of overwhelming highs and unfathomable lows. To stand in the light, we know that we must battle and embrace the darkness that seeks to destroy us. We will often fall short, but throughout our failures we carry the torch that consumes the ever-looming darkness.

We are warriors on the Other Side. We are parents, children, brothers, and sisters. We are lovers and fighters. We are military, and civilian. We sacrifice our flesh for others’. We protect our own. We stand for freedom. We give our all in everything we do. We fight evil in the furthest corners of the globe and the darkest corners of our souls. We welcome anyone who can answer the question “Which is more important, my life or yours?” We on the Other Side always answer, “Yours.” 

The Other Side mentality is not for everyone, but we are certain that everyone has seen glimpses of the Other Side. Choose the OS mentality and earn it every day. No matter the nature of the darkness that consumes you, no matter which side you currently find yourself on, you are never alone, you are never out of the fight, and there is always a path to victory.


OS Mission

OS was founded by a couple of active duty military dudes.  We aim to spread a message and comprise ourselves of people that get after it every day, people with a mindset of striving to be the best and of never quitting. We offer an apparel solution to those that want to support the military, bridging the gap between chill, casual clothes, and clearly military-oriented apparel.  Other Side strives to produce relaxed every day clothes, but in the same breath, support military and those struggling with battling the darkness.

Other Side strives to be a true quiet professional brand, understanding that the quietest of professionals are those warriors among us who silently battle the internal darkness of depression, mental illness, brain injuries, and the ever-looming voices of suicide.  We want to help affect change and specifically change the thought process of those that battle these demons.  It isn’t weakness to admit you’re hurting or that you need help.  There is always a way and there are always people that care.  Other Side gives a shit – it is strong to get help, weak to suffer alone.  Weakness and demons feed off of those that battle alone, but with a team, victory is imminent and undeniable.

We want everyone to live with the OS mentality of never being out of the fight, seeking help, and always finding a way.  We want to spread the light and help battle the darkness that many experience on their own. Doing so, we will donate 10% of our profits to the America’s Mighty Warriors Foundation in order to help support treatments that help battle post traumatic stress and traumatic brain injuries that so many of our warriors endure.  Support our warriors, be a teammate, and spread the OS message.

Live the Other Side mentality and help fight the darkness that lives within each of us.